Serving America with the finest Paintless Dent Repairs Since 2001.

We offer special discount pricing for automotive dealerships and rental firms, we also work with Auto Body Shops on a percentage basis.

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Aside from Hail Damage Repairs, most door dings, minor dents, and creases can be repaired in about an hour or less. Pricing on a single dent repair of average size (Dime, nickel, quarter, half dollar) pricing will usually range between $75 to $125.

Paintless Dent Removal is a skilled craft that is performed by slowly massaging the metal back into its original form. This is done by applying pressure to the back sides of the panels using unique metal rods and hand tools, as well as the use of special multi-positional lighting.

Gaining access and leverage for dent removal is crucial. We DO NOT drill holes in your car! At American Dent Removal, Inc., we have highly trained and experienced staff that do the job right the first time. We gain access to the back sides of panels by removing and re-installing necessary parts like; headlights, taillights, headliners, sunroofs, door trim panels, etc. We take pride in what we do and the result prove it! There are some areas on today’s vehicles that are not accessible. In these areas we have perfected the “Glue Pulling” technique. Glue Pulling is done opposite the typical “massaging” or “pushing” method done from the backside of the panel. Glue pulling is done from the top side, or “painted surface” of the panel. By using specialized glue and glue tabs, we place the glue on the tabs and then strategically place the tabs in the very deepest part of the dent. Using slide hammers or squeeze pullers we then “lift” or “pull” the dent in the opposite direction usually lifting the dent higher than need be in most cases. We then use paint-safe knock down tools in order to tap the dent back down to the desired contour. This process can sometimes require several cycles of this process to achieve perfection, especially on larger, deeper dents. We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

Please remember, not all repair shops are created equal. Do some research on the company that you are considering to use. For most of us, our vehicles are our second highest investment and should be cared for. Resale value is important and dealerships are very well educated on trade in value. They know what to look for when trying to spot out unsatisfactory repairs that diminish the value of your vehicle. When choosing a repair shop, here are a few tips to consider; Are they a current member of the BBB? Do they have an A+ rating with the BBB, and if not, Why? Are they using Vale Certified Technicians? (The only true PDR certification out currently). Do they offer a full lifetime Warranty on repairs? Do they have an updated website that is current and informative?