I had and still have a Black 2011 Chevy Impala, that I love dearly. After my shopping trip at Wal Mart one day, I came back out to my car to find a shopping cart up against my front fender. Of course, after pulling away the shopping cart i felt a sick feeling in my stomach looking at a basketball size dent in my car. I went to my local body shop and they told me the fender would have to be replaced. With parts, labor and paint it would be over $800 plus they would need the car for 3-5 days! I didn’t have any rental coverage so i knew that would probably add another $200 to my total bill.

After coming home and talking to my neighbor about it, he recommended that I give American Dent Removal a call. He said that they repaired a crease on the door of his chevy truck a couple months ago and did a great job. I contacted them at once. I spoke with Matt and he said he could come out to me and have a look. Skeptical of whether or not this dent this could be repaired, since the body shop said it needed to be replaced, I anxiously awaited his arrival. I was amazed! He not only came to me and did a fantastic repair on my car, but it was also hundreds of dollars cheaper than the body shop price.

Thanks again, American Dent Removal !!

Christy - House Springs MO

American Dent Removal, Inc. has assisted my body shop with hail damage repair on several occasions. They have also helped us out with some larger dents, door dings, and creases. They take pride in what they do, and it shows in every repair. I highly recommend American Dent Removal for all of your Paintless Dent Repair needs.

Brad - Auto Collision Center

In spring of 2013, Omaha NE got hit with yet another big hailstorm. I, Jerry Peterson, body shop manager for Huber Cadillac-Chevy, now had numerous additional auto claims to add to the books on top of our usual collision repair. American Dent Removal, Inc. came out to help us through it. While networking with our local company, Gene Watts of G&H Extreme PDR, American Dent Removal was able to make this a very pleasant, painless, and most profitable record breaking year! They went over and above the call of duty for us. They helped with writing estimates, organizing work flow, worked many late nights to keep up with deadlines, and took care of several dents for us at no charge which was much appreciated by us and our customers. American Dent Removal is a top notch company that we would gladly have back to help again in the future!

Jerry Peterson, Body Shop Manager - Huber Cadillac/Chevy

In April 2011 my 2010 Toyota Camry was caught up in a most catastrophic storm that pelted my car with large hail stones. After catching my breath, I started to think about where to go from here to get my car back to it’s like new condition. I called American Dent Removal and spoke with Matt. He had a look at my damaged car and reassured me that my vehicle could, and would be repaired 100%. After only two short days of being without my vehicle Matt called and said it was finished up and ready for pick up. I was in disbelief! Not only was my vehicle repaired in a very timely fashion, but they even repaired a few of the door dings on the car that my insurance company said wouldn’t be covered because it wasn’t part of the “hail damage”. I would highly recommend American Dent Removal for Hail Damage repair as well as door dings or any paint less dent repair.

Thank you ADR!

Maggie S. - Cedar Hill MO