Dealerships and Rental Firms

We at American Dent Removal have plenty of experience in dealing with large volume dealers and rental agencies. With our extensive networking program, we have developed large group of professional technicians that are used to handling big volume in a timely manner. We understand the importance of getting your inventory back to pre-hail condition fast and efficiently. Auto sales need to get back on their feet as quickly as humanly possible without sacrificing quality. We can help assist you and your insurance company evaluate the damage on your inventory. We will go over every vehicle making sure that nothing is overlooked, or underbid by the insurance company. This will ensure that the dealership is compensated with accurate and fair repair funds to repair all hail damaged inventory. We also do extensive quality control. In most cases we will set up a tunnel of lights for drive through inspection that allows personnel from our company and yours to inspect vehicles for flawless repairs. With our extensive networking program we developed a large group of qualified technicians that work with us in organizing large volumes of vehicles to be repaired in a quick and efficient time frame. If inside space is an issue we can provide our own work station solutions on site or nearby.